How Beautiful. My God. How Lovely. Thank you.
Amanda, said in amazement, following a 15 minute seated session of Reiki

I couldn't feel my arms. I knew they were on my lap but they were so heavy that I couldn't feel them. I've never felt that relaxed before.
Anna, following a 20 minute Indian Head Massage

I didn't fall asleep, but was completely unaware of everyone else or anything else for that matter. And that for me is very unusual.
Deborah, following a reflexology taster session

When you took your hands off of my feet, I felt like I floated four inches off of the table.
Mr G DiGregorio, private client

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience today, at your hands! I felt marvellous after my luxurious massage and I really look forward to my next one.
Mrs. L Swinfield, private client

This is a belated THANKYOU for our wonderful massages. AND guess who's a convert now???? MY husband! Ray thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looks forward to his next massage when we return from Oz.
Mrs L Burrows, private client

My God. I've never felt anything like that before.
Nina, 72 years old, at a health and relaxation day

After having a deep tissue massage, I can only say that it left me feeling like I had played an amazing game of rugby against a team of benevolent angels. A feeling I cannot recommend enough.
Mr G Brinklow, private client

Thanks again for the fantastic massage. It was very much appreciated, I feel like I have a new back!
Mr A Grand, private client

Can I take you and your hands home with me?
Mental Health Service User at Islington Mind following a ten minute Indian Head Massage

You are becoming addictive!
Miss A Clark, private client, after third deep tissue massage in three weeks

That head massage was killer. You could stop a mugger in his tracks.
Mr A Baker, private client

I wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work the other day. You were great and the women were very happy with the massage. You handled the new and challenging environment very well.
Miss N Upadhyay, Mental Wellbeing Champions Project

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such amazing work in difficult circumstances.
Mrs J Hollands, Manor Gardens Welfare Trust (working with refugee women in Holloway Prison)

Many thanks for the sessions, it's certainly helped me and I know other people have benefited.
Mrs C Ward

It has helped me to feel calmer. Given me tools to focus. It makes my back feel better. It makes me think more clearly!
Miss D Moss

I liked the variety of instruction to different strategies to try out. Lots of really practical examples of things I can try.
Mr F Acquith

It has given me a way to relax my mind so I can sleep better.
Miss A Parekh

Helped me to relax more - not get so stressed at work.

Encouraged me to meditate on my own.

The Instructor was excellent!

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